The following is a collection of company branding & design concepts. The projects range from local mom & pop establishments to larger businesses that have been operating for over 50 years. 


Beach & Vine

The following is a design project for local Fire Island establishment Beach & Vine. The owner wanted a 1970s "Endless Summer" feel and a surfer aesthetic. The colors were carefully chosen to represent the summer sun and the palette of vintage beach posters. The lettering was carefully hand drawn to resemble a time before computer graphics. With the success of Beach & Vine, next came Fire Island Tap- an artisanal beer, wine and coffee spot for locals to gather. The Fire Island Tap logo was created as the sister logo to Beach & Vine. The colors match, but the tap logo brings the brand to the next level. You can view it in the last image of the sliding carousel below. 

Beverly Band

For Brooklyn band Beverly, they wanted to collaborate with a New York artist for their sophomore album. They fell in love with this painting titled Swimming in the Dark by artist Robby Rose. They wanted the logo and the album title to look as though it was transparent and submerged underwater. Side one of the record shows the figure and the flip side shows only the dark water. To see more of Robby Rose's work, please click the "learn more" link below:

DiFara Pizza

The world famous DiFara Pizza is recognized for its family feel and old world charm. Domenic DeMarco has worked for over 50 years, single-handedly crafting each pie. The idea for this design was to create an image that could have been the mainstay from when they opened in the 1960s. The pizza itself is perfection, but there is an undeniable grittiness to the process. The postcard reflects the four things DiFara's is most famous for: Domenic himself, the triangle slice, the square slice, and the long line of customers outside, which can be up to a 3 hour wait. Dominic personalized the back of the postcard, in his handwriting which says "You must love what you do. If you no love what you do no do it." Domenic's personal note printed on this limited edition postcard is a piece of history.

Awakening Healing Center

Awakening is a healing center and yoga studio located in Brooklyn. The project was to create an identity package that reflected the true feel of the space - an eco-friendly, urban sanctuary in the heart of Brooklyn. The design of the business cards, signage, flyers, pamphlets, and postcards remind the viewer that if they bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit they can achieve health and well being. The imagery was chosen to calm one's emotions and to raise their consciousness. "You are perfect and Awakening is here to remind you how to find that in yourself." -Awakening

Habitual Organic Skincare

Habitual Organic Skincare is based on the belief that beauty products should have a conscience. Making a habit of using these products will take care of your skin and enhance your beauty, ultimately having a positive affect on your mind and body. Since these products are made with holistic and organic ingredients, with the absence of toxins, your daily ritual will also have a positive affect on the environment. The labels are subdued, earth tone colors that reference those found in nature. The tie-dye motif reflects the tonal changes in nature due to weather. The room sprays are made with essential oils attributed to healing properties. Therefore, naming them after crystals with similar properties is a way to create a calming visual to go along with the relaxing aroma of each scent. Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon of marketing their products as "natural". They have flooded the market with green and white packaging in a rush to look environmentally friendly, but they still contain toxic ingredients. On the other hand, Habitual has black packaging to make the products stand out on the shelf. The stark contrast distinguishes them from their competitors, and allows one to pick up their product, become allured, and start forming good habits today.