Handmade, Hand-Painted Watercolor Invitations

These one-of-a-kind handmade, hand-crafted engagement party invitations are printed on wind-power watercolor paper and backed with gray card stock. A custom band was created around the invite, where the couples' names are presented on the front, and the back tells the story of important dates in their lives leading up to the future wedding date. (This invite can double as a save the date because the last event on the back of the band says when the couple will be wed the following year). The invitation comes with a square card that can be used as an information card for any extra details, events, or lodging information. 

The envelopes are lined with a blue watercolor swoosh to compliment the purple colors.


The Rehearsal Dinner

The motif of using handprinted watercolor flowers was continued in the invitation for the couples' rehearsal dinner. To break away from the purple color palette surrounding the wedding, green was used as the dominant color and purple accents were used in the plant life.